Daniel Padilla breaks major rule in Japan after shaking a Cherry Blossom tree for pictures

Daniel Padilla, the other half of Kathniel, draws flak from some netizens for breaking a rule in Japan after he was caught on camera shaking a Cherry Blossom tree for photos.

In a video posted by Entertainment Blog  Fashionpulis.com, it can be seen that the teen king was shaking the majestic tree while Kathryn Bernardo is posing for a photo nearby.

kathryn bernardo pose for a photo while daniel padilla is shaking cherry blossom Kathryn bernardo pose for a photo while Daniel Padilla is shaking the cherry blossom tree

On the comment section, bashers flocked to share their thoughts about the behavior of the teen king during their Cherry Blossom visit.

Shaking the iconic tree is one of the most common mistakes being done by tourist for photoshoot.

If you’re planning to visit Japan soon for their Cherry Blossoms, make sure to read the Do’s and Don’ts which is listed here by Voyapon.com.

Rule number 2 as listed on the site cites “do not damage the trees by hanging or placing any belongings on the trunks or branches; or worse, peel, scratch, or draw on any surface of a tree. It was even on the news last year, that it was a trend (particularly among tourists) to shake the sakura branches to create a petal shower – for taking selfies!”

Watch the video below and see it for yourself.