Dead priest photobombs in a group picture in Masbate

We all hate it when someone shows up in front of the camera while we are in the middle of a photoshoot. Whether it is a selfie or a groufie, everyone hates photobombers. Having said that, a group of tourist visiting Masbate got the chills when they saw something unusual on their photo.

A Facebook user named Kaye Henson shared a spine-tingling group picture that features an alleged ghost of a dead priest while they were in a church in Burias, Masbate last April 12. The religious structure is known to be the second oldest church in the province.

Later when they arrived at their hotel, the group then scanned all the photos they have taken throughout the day and pick the ones they want to post on Facebook. However, they spotted someone in one of their group pictures that wasn’t suppose to be there.

Due to their curiosity, they decided to zoom in the picture and were shocked with what they saw. They were all terrified when they saw the man’s face looking like a skull and were more scared when the phone turned off by itself.

According to locals, the man in the picture was an elderly priest who died due to a heart attack last November 2016.

After hearing that information, the group then offered their prayers and lit some candles for the late priest. Although the mystery behind the photobomber is already close, you can’t deny the fact that it gave you the heebie jeebies considering the photobomber is already dead for a year now.

SOURCE: RachFeed