“Delikado yan kay Luis”, Ethel Booba warns Nadine after winning FHM sexiest woman title

Nadine was really happy and proud after winning the FHM poll survey as the sexiest woman of 2017. She may already be the winner but there are still some who can’t accept and bash her even more. We can’t really get away from the different reactions of those who voted because they also have their own bet for the winner.

However, Ethel Booba just tweeted about Nadine’s winning moment in a fun way. Her tweet warns Nadine Lustre after winning as the sexiest woman. She said Nadine is unsafe to Luis Manzano after winning the poll survey.

According to Avid Fan YouTube channel, it can be remembered that Luis past and present relationship partners are so much related with the number 1 sexiest woman in the Philippines. And to mention, they are Jennylyn Mercado, Angel Locsin, and the present Jessy Mendiola.

Ethel is known for funny tweets which are always related with the current events in the country. Luis Manzano and Nadine Lustre has no say about Ethel’s say yet. But maybe they would also take it in a fun way.

Whatever it is, let’s just be happy with Nadine and let her enjoy her moment. Her winning moment is for her to enjoy and not to be bashed after all.

Watch the video here:

Source: Youtube