Despite bullying he experienced all his life, he pursued his dream and finished his college degree

It is sad to think that bullying really exists in our world. There are just some people who likes to poke fun at others by just simply teasing how that person looks like or if they lack something in ability. However, there was this one guy who stood up against his bullies and showed them that he can do it despite of all the bullying he received while on his climb to success.

Netizen Benedict Serra Elijorde proudly posted his graduation photo and took shots at those people who used to bully him. In his viral post, he talked about being bullied because of the way he looks.


According to TNP, Benedict proved that his dedication is tougher than other people’s judgement as he was able to finish all his education, despite of all the people who is trying to bring him down.

Netizens even pointed out that a guy like Benedict is proof that one should never give up on their dreams and always have confidence that you will succeed in life.  As of this writing, Benedict’s post already reached 6,316 shares and around 11K likes/reactions on Facebook.

Although the world may seem like it’s filled with evil, we should never let this get on our way on chasing our goal in life.