Disgusting! This Woman feeds her child with a bowl of worms

The social media world can really be a source of both amazing and disturbing contents. The story we are going to tackle here is unfortunately one of the gross topics. As one very disturbing video is now going around the social media sites.

Netizen named Nathan James posted a very disturbing and disgusting video of a woman feeding a child with a bowl of worms. However, it’s a little bit surprising that the child doesn’t seem to mind eating the disgusting thing presented on her face.

In the first video which you can view below, you can clearly hear the woman asking the kid if she wants more, to which the little girl nodded her head to say yes, so she gave her more.

In fact, in the second video, you can see the child picking it up herself and put it straight into her mouth as if it was just gummy worms.

Many netizens were both disturbed and disgusted by the video and slammed the woman for doing such torturous and abusive act on the child, but basing on the kid’s reaction in the videos provided above the kid seems to enjoy having such unusual snack.

No matter how disgusted we are in such things like that, we can’t deny the fact that in some countries there are such myths and beliefs passed down from hundreds or even thousands of years ago. These cultures might not make sense sometimes, but that’s just what their culture is.