Doctor caught sleeping on hospital floor after a straight 28-hour surgery shift

Commitment is an obvious ingredient to excel in any particular job. Doctors and nurses who deal with human lives are the ones who amplify this quality. We all know that they work round the clock to take care of sick patients. There are thousands of medical professionals out there who are very committed to their jobs and are worthy of recognition, but there is one person who takes “commitment” to a whole new level.

Luo Heng, a Chinese surgeon at a hospital in Dingyuan County, Anhui Province in China was photographed sleeping on the floor while still wearing his uniform, a mask, a cap, and even his eyeglasses. At a glace, you may think that Heng is slacking on his job as a doctor but you may want to think again.

The man in the photo you are looking at just finished performing five surgeries on different patients during his continuous 28-hour shift. His photos were uploaded on the social media site Weibo.

Meanwhile, netizens had varied opinions regarding his endeavor. Some people praised the surgeon for his diligence and commitment to his job. A netizen said, “I salute you, You have worked hard”.  However, others expressed their concern as to the amount of time given for physicians to rest. They emphasized that in order to efficiently perform their jobs (such as performing surgeries and making decisions for the welfare of patients), physicians must be given ample time to rest.

We admire such kind of commitment and diligence from all doctors, nurses and medical professionals all over the world. Your tireless service to humanity is what makes this world a better place.

Source: Elite Readers