Dog dies after intense battle with Cobra to save couple that adopted him

A dog is a man’s best friend. Against all odds, your dog will protect you because a dog treats its owner not just as a best friend, but as a family.

Here is another story of how a good dog will do anything in order to protect the lives of his masters.

An old couple living in Perumbavur, in Kerala, India adopted a 1-month-old puppy around 3 years ago so they can have a companion at home. They named the puppy, Mouli.

It is unknown if the couple had kids of their own but, they treated Mouli like their own child and they live happily together.

One day, the couple were curious as to why Mouli is barking very loud outside their house. The couple eagerly went out to see what is causing the commotion – they were shocked when they saw a 5-foot-long cobra just outside their door.

The 3-year-old Mouli somehow seem to know that his parents could no longer protect themselves from the snake. So despite its small size, the dachshund grabbed the cobra to keep it away from its kind masters.

The cobra did not easily give up, it fought the dog and managed to bite it several times. Mouli bravely fought with the snake, also biting it with all his might.

Their brawl lasted for about 30 minutes while the couple could only watch helplessly. Their neighbors tried to help out by calling the cops, but it was too late when they arrived.

Seeing the snake dead, the heroic dog knew that he won. The crown cheered but soon felt sad when the dog collapsed to the ground.

The couple felt sad too upon seeing their beloved dog die but knew that it sacrificed its life for them.

Source: Buzzflare