Doll-like flight attendant goes viral

One of the most noticeable facts about flight attendants is that they are mostly good looking. We don’t say that it is one of the requirements to get it to that the job, because we really know. However, it seems like everywhere you go or whatever airline you flew in to, there is a huge possibility that a good looking flight attendant is always going to be around.

Take this Taiwanese flight attendant named Rita Kao, as she recently has gone viral on social media due to her look being quite similar to that of a doll according to Rachfeed. She usually takes photos of herself wherever she goes and has everyone’s head turning due to her doll-like good looks.

This gorgeous Taiwanese girl is said to have been working as a flight attendant in TigerAir  and is quite a charmer as she enjoys her popularity in the social media world and currently have 124K followers on Instagram.

Also, whenever her schedule isn’t that tight, she usually spends her free time in some tourist spots like in Hong Kong and Thailand just to mention a few.

Because of her stunning presence, it seems like Rita has become the unofficial poster girl for TigerAir or even become its official model one of these days. Some of her followers even say that she is a “once a thousand year beauty.” especially having that doll-like feature that makes her look unique apart from other girls.