Donnalyn Bartolome admits of almost losing her one eye, warns netizens of common mistakes they do with their eyes

In Entertainment Industry, we could only see the actresses and actors having a good image in front of the camera. We don’t really have an access on their day-to-day personal agenda. The way we look at them on television and social media may not be the same with those people who personally know them.

Many are looking up to them and even become an avid fan for some. But they are just humans like us who are working hard for themselves and their family. They also have to work hard even if sometimes their health are already affected. Just like what happened to Donnalyn Bartolome.

A Filipina Youtube Vlogger, singer, songwriter, rapper, model, endorser, and actress. She is best known for her hit song “Kakaibabe.” Once again, she became viral on social media as she revealed something about her right eye.

According to Donnalyn’s Facebook page post, her right eye was damaged a week ago. Her doctor said that there was a scratch on her cornea.  She was then required by her doctor to close her right eye for 3 days and let it rest after she administered antibiotics to it. She also shared about her friend who had the same experience with her, wherein her eye got totally blinded.

“**this is more serious than I thought. A friend of mine just messaged me after seeing this post and said that because of an infected/scratched cornea her other eye is completely BLIND. That is the same thing that happened to me. I got lucky She told me to take real good care of my eyes and you should too!**
My right eye was damaged a week ago and I’m just now posting it to say that it’s all better!!! I was crying almost every night scared like crazy ’cause my eye hurt and in the morning wouldn’t open cause of all the eye fluids. The scariest thing, my goodness. Dr. Said not to patch it but he also required me to close my right eye FOR 3 days and just rest after dropping antibiotics because my cornea got scratched. But I needed to work(edit, write and email and more) so I had no choice But thank you Lorddddd. I promise I’m all better I don’t know why I’m not smiling on the second picture but I thought my hair looked good so that’s the picture I chose haha. Anyway, to end this post. BE CAREFUL WITH WHAT YOU USE FOR YOUR EYES. May it be contacts or any eyedrop or if you got something in your eye just wash it don’t scratch, WASH! and make sure your contact lenses are new and not dried out and that your eye drops are NOT expired. Yun lungsss,”