Donnalyn Bartolome makes a stand regarding her “torotot scandal”

Celebrities are always a subject of the eagle-eyed netizens especially through their social media accounts. For fans, it may serve as the only way that they could get a glimpse of the outside-the-camera life of their idols while for bashers, it could be a platform for harsh or rude comments.

Just like this recent issue which concerns the online sensation, Donnalyn Bartolome. As a little background about her, Donnalyn started posting videos on Youtube when she was 13 years old after moving away from the Philippines. Originally the videos were intended for her friends only. But eventually she began to build a fanbase. She posted everything from makeup tutorials to dance and song covers. She eventually moved to Facebook where her fame really began to grow.

Now, Donnalyn is in the midst of a scandal after her supposedly celebratory series of posts about her achieving 900,000 followers on Instagram over the new year became a subject of bashing and hate comments because of its allegedly “vulgar” content.

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She posted series of photos of herself holding a “torotot” with the 900K on her background but, the one that caught the attention of netizens is the certain photo where Donnalyn can be seen kneeling while looking up and holding the “torotot” upwards.

In a recent Facebook live video, the Youtube sensation turned singer/actress expressed her disappointments over rude comments she receives from her haters/bashers. She also explained about the history of her torotot scandal.

Donnalyn says that she has no intention to seduce anyone especially those that were dirty minded and gave a different meaning to her post. She even says that it is not or her personality to do such.

Watch her Facebook live video below: