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The occurrence of dream is a commonplace to everyone who gets into sleep. Some dreams bring the dreamer to a night of pleasant experience and surprises, while some fall to be a nightmare. There also dreams that are just simply odd or funny to realize when you wake up and dreaming about poops is one. But poops are not just stinky after all, because according to science of dream interpretation, poop is usually precognitive sign of money.

Ethel is just one of those who has been constantly dreaming about stools. She’s seeing these craps for a couple of weeks in the toilet and in the bedroom. This unusual dream episode put her to wonder why the same dirty pictures of ‘shit’ have been haunting her every night, until a very huge surprise confronted her. A great fortune was actually coming her way.

Upon working as a sea farer in a cruise ship, Ethel who is a mom of two reveals that her earnings could hardly compensate the basic needs of the family, especially that she was financially aiding her ailing mother for a monthly dialysis. The money-issue and  the daily toil was all bearable until she got separated with her husband. This was in trying times that she found hope in distress. Because the following weeks, she has this constant dream of feces.

The dream of her seeing poops was actually more than a ray of hope in her waking life. Because this eventually brought her to ultimate success in business. Her mere online business thrive where, from a revenue of 5 thousand a day, it now rose up to 75 thousands daily.

It may sound hilarious how poops matter and is associated in her accumulation of wealth but her testimony will somehow make skeptics believe that indeed, the superstition or the seemingly ridiculous dream has significant meaning not everyone is made to believe.

In support to her story, according to ZhouGong’s Dream Dictionary, a book popular to Chinese communities for its excellence in explaining different dreams particularly those unusual and weird, dreaming of a large amount of poops is a very good omen suggesting that the God of wealth will accompany the dreamer. For a businessman or business woman to have this dream, foretells that the dreamer will have a successful business.

Having been engaged in a small sari-sari store business with her mother when she was little until she carried it on even when employed, the interpretation of the dream exactly describe about Ethel’s road to gaining fortune and ¬†extravagant life, from rags to riches.

If you are inclined to believe it, the moment you dream about rubbing poop on yourself, or even seeing a lot of poop littered on your bed or in the bathroom, open up your wallet and be prepared to receive bundles of banknotes!