This driver used the symbolic Philippine Flag as a cover for his dog while travelling

One country is being differentiated from another through the National Flag it has. It is important to take good care of it, for this is one of the country’s identification. Flag says a lot about its country.

A flag is not just merely a symbol of one’s country, but a way for a country to show itself to the rest of the world. It is an idea, or an ideal. Many flags have a different history and that they must always be held with high esteem.

In the Philippines, the flag is composed of three Primary colors of blue, red, and yellow plus the white color in it. It says about a lot of Philippine history and on how Filipinos stand for it against all circumstances. Each color represents something about Filipinos’ attributes.

But what if someone had done something not pleasant to the flag? You won’t just believe how this man used the flag the other way.

A netizen uploaded a picture of a man who used the Philippine flag as a cover for his dog on his car. This thing goes viral and many were dismayed of the man’s deed.

If you were the man, would you also do the same?

All of us know how important the flag is. Since grade school we are always taught to give the highest respect to the flag. But this man just made another trending story not really pleasing to see. Of all the things he could use to cover his dog, why the flag?

There are already many stories that talks about the Philippine flag which was taken cared very well and there are also some who did something not right with the flag just like this man.

He chose to be disrespectful just to make his dog feel comfortable. One thing not agreeable after all.

Always have the initiative to use the flag the right way.