Dying billionaire gives his money to poor countrymen because he can’t take it afterlife

Wealth- all the material riches in the world, is what most people dream of attaining in the course of their lifetime, but does obtaining all the riches in the world really make you superior among others? Does it satisfy you? Or does it guarantee you a place in the afterlife? We cannot tell, but one thing is certain, we can never bring riches to the afterlife.

A dying billionaire in Myanmar believes that he cannot bring the riches he obtained to the afterlife, that is why he decided to distribute it to the less fortunate ones. Enabling him to earn tons of praises on social media for his unselfish generosity.

In a video that has gone viral on the certain Facebook page, men in long-sleeved polo shirts is seen handing out bundles of cash to a long line of people. In the later part of the video, people are seen bowing down (in a gesture of thanksgiving) in front of a man wearing wearing white and is sitting on a chair.

The man in white is visibly sick, although he tries his best to sit properly on the chair and smile while people thanked him for his generosity.

The video did not identify the real name of the man, his true status in life, where he is from or how much money he gave away. If this was for real, then he truly deserves all the praises he gets on social media. In the end, while it is a fact that we cannot bring our wealth to the afterlife, not too many are willing to distribute their wealth before they die, most especially to people who are not even related to them!


Source: Buzzflare