Elephant digs for 11 long hours just to save her baby

Elephants are now hunted mercilessly for their prized ivory tusks, they are under threat in most of their range from poaching, habitat loss, and human encroachment and are listed as threatened by the IUCN. There are people who would rather kill an elephant just to have that ivory coming from their tusks and because of that National Geographic is asking for the support of the international ban on the trade of ivory.

Elephants are known to be very huge in size and a recent video just show how a mother elephant possesses a bigger heart to its child while saving it at the middle of the danger. It was when its little calf accidentally fell off a well. And the baby elephant couldn’t make it to get out of the well, for it was too deep.

According to Did you know channel on YouTube, the mother elephant fought for 11 hours, working overnight to try and remove her baby from the well. And she didn’t give up.

In this photo, the mother was too close in saving her baby, but it isn’t as easy as it looks. Her digging worked more like pushing and she accidentally filled the hole with even more mud.

Locals watched and wondered how could they possibly help the mother elephant.

They’ve come up with a brilliant plan, they brought a truck filled with bananas to destruct the mother.¬†With their help, the elephant has finally able to pull her baby out with her trunk. The two elephants were later then spotted to remain close with each other.

As they have mentioned, the moral lesson is: “Nothing compares to the love of a mother.”

Watch the video here: