Ella Cruz’s reaction about being dragged with Xian Gaza’s issue

This coffee date guy is now famous in different social media sites since his giant billboard intended for Erich Gonzales gone viral. This really caught a lot of attention from the netizens and that many negative information about the guy is already coming out. Others are saying that he is a scammer and some are saying he’s just using Erich to gain popularity.

But the story isn’t just all about how the guy exerted his effort to win Erich’ attention and how he’s given a lot of allegations, also about how Ella Cruz’ name is being dragged in this issue. Photos of Ella Cruz with Xian Gaza are being shared by him publicly. This then got the public speculate if they actually had a relationship.

That according to Inquirer.net, Cruz’ mother who goes by the name Jesica Zurc on Facebook recently called Gaza for “stalking” her daughter and also called him a “scammer”. Eventually, several other also spoke up having the same accusations against Gaza. However, Gaza’s recent post on Facebook denied being Cruz’ “stalker”.

But Ella’s post on Twitter made her followers got curious about what she had said: “The truth will come out.”

Another tweet from Ella made her followers become more curious and were asking what could she mean by that.

Others are then relating Ella’s post “Whoooop creepy” when the coffee-invite-via-billboard gone viral.

Many are really curious about these following tweets of Ella and many wanted an answer if they really became couples before.

Different personalities are now coming out exposing Gaza’s secrets and Gaza also defended himself. Now, we may not have an idea if who really speaks for the truth or what’s really his attention towards Erich, but at least we know both sides of the story.

Source: Inquirer.net