Ellen Adarna steals attention from Britney Spears during her concert

Ellen Adarna is known for being hot and sexy actress. She belongs to a rich family and that she can just do everything she wants. She is so lovely and everyone else admires her beauty and self-confidence. She was in most talked before because of her provocative pictures by the sea.

Everyone knows how Ellen would act herself in front of others. She was also linked to the son of President Duterte and that they were said to have a relationship with each other which also ended just recently. Although she is as pretty as she is, she still got a lot of bashers because of her being so vulgar of her body.

A recent video had made her popular again after being caught in the camera. She was filmed making a scene at Britney’s concert. Not a really bad scene anyway but she just dances well while going wild with the crowd.

Watch the video here:

Ellen is always judged by many because of the way she acts as herself without keeping something but what’s good about her, she is able to managed everything and just disregard every negative things thrown to her. She keeps on moving on in her life despite being judged by many.