Enormous snake found in Indonesia and it looks like it just had a meal

Many people are actually afraid of snakes, may it be small or big. Maybe because of the poisonous venom that the snake has, that everyone knows or course or just the scary look of a snake that might bring any danger anytime.

But there are also some who love snakes and even make them as pets just like “Kuya Kim Atienza” a news reporter known to be good at taking care of different animals. He is taking care of a ball Python which a non venomous snake.

Seeing just a small snake is already scary for some, how much more if you could see such a huge kind of this animal?

Snakes could actually just eat anything they wanted because their jaws can be dislocated. They’re greedy when it comes to prey they wanted to eat. They have long elongated bodies without limbs, wherein if they eat something big, anyone could just notice.

In Indonesia, there was a huge kind of a Python snake that was found by some villagers. The villagers were shocked by what they saw. They could not believe such a kind of animal having a big bulky stomach.

In the video, this snake was just like, it had enough dinner.

It was really that big and when the villagers had caught the Python, they didn’t waste any chances, and have tied its mouth for it not to harm anybody. They’re just that thankful that inside it is not a person. Well, that’s the good thing for them.

Have you seen like this kind of animal? If you happen to do so, run for your life because venomous snake will surely take your life. Be careful!

Source: TNP