Erich Gonzales responds about the guy who paid for giant billboard to ask her for a coffee date

An effort given by a guy to pay for a giant billboard intentionally for Erich Gonzales is now going viral. Xian was praised by many because of the effort and courage he had exerted. And many are hoping and waiting how will this go along if Erich would know about it.

Courageous guy rents giant billboard to ask Erich Gonzalez for a coffee date

At last, Darla Sauler has an answer on it just as fast as she can. Erich reacts on it through the message sent by Darla from here in the Philippines to out of the country where Erich is. As Darla said, just like the sweetest girl she have ever met since Erich has started, she got a reply from her.

“Hi Darls!!! šŸ™‚ How are you? Hahaha!!! Ang cute ng effort ni Kuya. It’s fine. Let’s see when I get back. There’s nothing wrong naman if we talk over coffee, pero dapat kasama ka. Hahaha!!! See you soon Darls!”

Darla is now looking forward about their coffee together when Erich comes back here in the Philippines. And Darla just added a new information about the guy, Xian according to her is not a “bisaya” and he only knows how to speak the dialect because he was based in Davao for 2 years for his businesses in Mindanao.

And about the billboard, Darla said that according to Xian his peopleĀ installed it at 3AM and he visited around 11AM. It will be up there for roughly 1-2 months approximately. And another thing, Xian has also bought gifts for Erich.

This guy is definitely a winner when it comes to effort.

Source: Darla Sauler