Ever wondered what that extra shoe lace hole in your running shoes is for? Here’s the answer.

Oftentimes, there are certain features or parts in a thing that we use on a daily basis that we just can’t seem to realize what its true purpose is. So, instead of exhausting ourselves on what it is for, we just ignore it and go on with our lives.

Just like what happens when one buys new shoes, we often get excited by the physical design that we often fail to take note of other important information like the comfort that the shoes will provide. Some will take one look at the shoelaces and have no idea why there is an extra one present.

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Well, it turns out that the extra hole in your shoes do have a specific purpose and that is to prevent blisters especially for those who work out or those people who often take a run.

According to Goodfullness, these laces are often utilized to prevent blisters and this trick is known as the “heel lock”. By tying the shoes in the proper manner, all of the issues that tend to take place when we run often are able to fall by the wayside.

Thanks to the heel lock trick, the ankle and the heel can remain firmly in place during a strenuous run. Anyone who has felt that telltale slide inside of the shoe during a run can definitely relate to the horror.

Aha! If you would like to learn more about this awesome life hack and how it can further benefit you, please be sure to check out the short but helpful video below: