Every night this adopted dog does not sleep and just staring at his master’s door, the details of his past shattered their hearts

“A dog is a man’s best friend” is probably the most overused saying to describe a dog and owner relationship. Most families own a dog that does not only serve as a pet but also as an integral part of the family.

Just like this heartwarming story of a family who decided to adopt a dog. The dog immediately became an essential part of the family and the children loved to play with him.

As the dog was very intelligent and a fast learner, the whole family played with him and taught him many tricks. They were very happy with everything that the dog does, even his mere existence brought them so much joy.

After a few weeks, the family noticed that the dog practices a strange behavior. Every night, when the family is asleep, he would sit still outside their bedroom and just stare with his big brown eyes and never fall asleep. He sat in the exact same spot and will always be the first to greet his owners when they wake up every single morning.

The family was bothered with their dog’s strange behavior and began to worry about their four-legged sweetheart. They thought he may be sick so they took him to the veterinarian for examination, but the vet was unable to give a diagnosis as the dog was in perfect health.

In a desperate attempt, the family decided to visit the shelter from which they adopted the dog. They questioned the staff – perhaps they may be able to explain the nocturnal behavior of the dog. They never expected the reason behind his behavior that it tore their hearts when they found out.

It turned out that the former owner of the dog had quietly awoken one night and brought her dog to the shelter. All the while, the dog was sleeping peacefully. He was never able to say goodbye to his former owner, his old home and his old life.

When he woke up, he found himself in a new and unfamiliar place and surroundings. We can only imagine the horror that the dog must have felt.

When the family knew about the dog’s heartbreaking past, they were unable to hold back their tears.

They wanted the dog to gain his trust and confidence towards his new owner so they decided to put their dog in a basket beside their bed. In this way, they can make their dog feel that they want him close and that they love him.

It took several weeks before the dog began to feel safe and and secure in his new home. Finally, one night the dog closed his eyes and fell asleep. Ever since then, he slept peacefully, next to his loving family who gave him the security that he deserves.

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