Everyone calls this poor farmer crazy for planting useless seeds, 20 years later they call him their hero

Out of the numerous planets in the universe, we only have one planet where life can exist and that is the Earth. This is why environmentalists repeatedly re-iterate how everyone should value mother nature and think of the future generations and not just live in the now.

This is what this man from Indonesia might have been thinking when he decided to do such a noble act in his desire to contribute to the renewal of mother nature.

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Mbah Sadiman was called “crazy” by everyone when he started planting “useless” seeds back in the 90’s in the Gendol forest. The said area was burnt to the ground during wildfires that occurred in the 60’s. The unfortunate disaster caused drought in the dry season and flood during the rain season in the area which later led to famine in the village of Dali, Indonesia.

Sadiman was the only one to realize that there were no trees left to store water underground. Therefore, he decided to do something despite being a poor farmer who was also struggling with money.

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According to Newsner, Sadiman started to trade clove seeds for banyan seeds. Banyan trees don’t produce anything and are therefore profitless while clove trees can be sold for money. People started to mock him but they failed to realize the logic behind what Sadiman is doing.

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It turns out that Banyan trees are able to store and produce water that can be used for irrigation. For 20 years, Sadiman was able to plant 11,000 trees in 250-acres area of land. Water is finally back in the area thus, farmers could once again plant in their fields and make their own living, all thanks to Sadiman!

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