Everyone thinks that bride ran away, when she steps in everybody is in tears after she did the unthinkable

Your wedding day is probably one of the biggest and most exciting moments of your entire life. Seeing the person you will spend your whole life standing next to you in front of not only the guests, but in the eyes of our beloved creator as you take another step and embark on a new chapter of your life.

Now, a video on social media has recently caught the attention of many netizens due to its romantic and somewhat of a heartwarming scene that will surely lead you to tear up a bit. The said video was posted by the Facebook page Without Walls Ministries in which it features a wedding surprise conducted by the grooms bride-to-be.

At first, many at the audience including the couple’s family were wondering why does the bride takes too long to appear. Some were even look worried and sort of scared the bride might not show up.

A few moments after, the bride finally appeared. However, this was not your normal walk to aisle moment, but it was something you have never seen before.

The bride made her way out and surprised everybody by performing a song dedicated for her groom, which lead everybody to break down in tears because of joy.

See this very touching and overwhelming moment take place in the video below.