Everyone turns their back from this “beggar” but when good samaritans helped him, his good looks made him famous online

In this world full of prejudices and judgments, lots of people are already judged before explaining themselves first. Just because you’re not wearing that descent dress, you don’t have a permanent job, and you were not able to finish your studies you are already called illiterate and desperate, without them knowing what you’re going through or the hardships you’re experiencing.

Just like with the case of Adrian Choo who happened to see a man who really need some help in his appearance. According to him, the man was looking like a dead man walking, with his head hanging down, his long hair covering his face, and dragging his feet at the corridor of his workplace.

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Everyone else who sees him wanted him to go away for he looked like he’s on drugs. But Adrian Choo made the first step and asked him if he’s alright or not. And when asked about his family, he said they all died. Without much hesitation then, he brought the man at the back of the restaurant and give him some food and drinks.

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After which, he brought him to a saloon for a haircut but were given a high rate, so he decided to bring him to the restaurant again. He remembered then that his Nepali friends just cut each others hair and luckily one of his friends, a Pakistani came over and offer some help for free. After giving him haircut, he decided to give him some shower and found he was actually looking good.

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A man from a saloon they have visited, also brought an old pair of converse which fit perfectly to the guy. The guy then after looking fresh and was prayed by Adrian but before he left Adrian told him that he can always come over to ask for food.

Read Adrian’s full story here:

This afternoon, there’s this guy, appeared out of no where, looking like a dead man walking, with his head hanging down, his long hair covering his face, dragging his feet at the corridor of my workplace.

There were customers sitting around that area, they obviously felt disturbed. This guy looked like he’s on drugs, or simply mental.

Everybody wanted to chase him away, but none wished to go near him. The first thing that came to mind when I saw him, was that I want to help.

I did acknowledged the possibility of getting harmed if I go near. Nevertheless, without much hesistation, I went forward, put my arm on his shoulder and asked if he’s alright.

I asked what happened to him, where did he come from, where’s his family. He didn’t wanna say a thing at first, but after asking again, he said his whole family died.

I brought him over to the back of the restaurant, and immediately got some food and drinks for him. I asked and he said he haven’t eaten for a few days.

While he was eating that simple plate of rice, with the curry and a fried egg, I could imagine how tough it must’ve been for him. How helpless he is, and how he must’ve felt when everyone bypassed him, rejected him.

After the meal, I wanted to give him a haircut. Our sous chef offered a share of 10 bucks. I brought him to a few saloons, all rejected him, worrying that he would affect their customers. And then we came to one that might have helped, but was not so willing to serve him. I asked if we could just help that poor young man at a cheaper rate, and a simple haircut would do. I was prepared to pay 20bucks for his haircut, but they insisted 30. We left.

So we got back to restaurant, I was suddenly reminded that my nepali colleagues don’t go to saloons. They cut for each other. Thank God. I asked them to help. And one salesman came, a Pakistani. He wanted to help this poor lad too, and offered to give him a haircut, for free. Amazing.

After the haircut, I looked at him, and thought he was actually quite a decent looking guy. We brought him to the toilet and let him take a shower there.

Moments later, a guy from one of the saloons we visited previously, brought a pair of old converse for him. They fitted perfectly. Praise God!

We chatted for a while. He’s a malay lad, he could speak good english, and was sensible. I thought there would be absolutely no problem for him to get a job.

Now that he’s looking fresh again, I advised him to try and get a job tomorrow, and asked for the company to provide accommodation. For the moment, we told him that he can come over everyday and we can give him some food.

After that, I layed my hand on him and said a simple prayer, and he left.

I thank God that I took the first step to approach him. And thinking back on the whole process, I feel so blessed that I could do something to help. It was effortless. And if I were to live my life helping people everyday like that, I would feel happy, and have a sense of a greater purpose in life. And I know deep inside we’re called to live like that, we’re called to be the light, to bless.

It’s amazing, if that’s what life is about. Cos we’re called, to love.

Adrian is just a great example of a good Samaritan in this modern world. He is one of a kind light that shines the brightest because of his good heart. If all of us would be like him then the whole world will surely shine like the brightest star in the universe.