Ex-PBB housemate Niña Jose is now a mayor’s wife

As the famous quote says, “Age doesn’t matter”. There are some who won’t agree with it, because as they believe that age really does matter when it comes to love and relationship. But this is commonly agreed by many for if they fall in love, they don’t mind about the age of their partners.

Just like what happened to Niña Jose who fell in love with a guy who’s age is twice as hers. Niña was first noticed when she joined Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition (Season 1) where in her batch were Kim Chiu, Matt Evans and Gerald Anderson. After that moment in PBB, she became an FHM model and a Calendar girl of alcohol brand.

Her career in showbiz was successful because she had done lots of projects and movies. Her acting career moves from ABS-CBN to TV5 to a freelancer. And it was then reported that before she got married, she became a flight attendant for an airline.

According to some interviews, Niña said that she’s really attracted to older men. No wonder she fell in love and get married with Mayor Cezar Quiambao of Bayambang, Pangasinan in early January of this year. Aside from being the incumbent town mayor, Quiambao is also a billionaire owner and CEO of Stradcom Corporation which builds and operated information technology infrastructure projects for the government.

Quiambao is also reportedly one of the biggest taxpayers in the province of Pangasinan. It was also known that Niña was so supportive with her husband and would accompany him in different projects.

Indeed, age doesn’t matter for this couple. They have just proven their love and affection with each other to be true and no worries of what other people would say against them.