Woman learns her lesson the hard way after sending nud3s to her boyfriend

You cannot live a life you have imagined if you don’t know how to love at all. When it comes to love, we can definitely do everything even the impossible of all. In loving someone, we tend to give them our everything and not thinking of the consequences later on.

Nowadays, blackmailing using nude photos are so rampant because of the high technology that we have. Many becomes victims of these nude-photos blackmailing because they have fully trusted the person.

Just like with the case of the woman who fell in love with a guy whom she trusted the most. She gave her all to a guy whom she really thought would already be her forever. She was so in love with him that she have done every order of him. She became a victim of her own nude photos.

She has confessed everything about her past relationship not for her popularity but to make other people be aware of it. And that they may not experience the same thing that she has.

Read her full confession here:

Never send nudes

First and foremost, I would like y’all to know na oo, alam ko nang tanga ako, uto-uto, b*ba, etc. Hindi niyo na po kailangang ulit-ulitin at ipamukha pa sa akin.

So basically from the title itself, this story is all about me who sent nudes to someone I trusted and loved.

When we were still together, pinipilit niya akong mag-take ng pictures na walang suot and as a stupid girlfriend, binigay ko kung ano yung gusto niya. Three years naging kami, and I never thought na darating sa point na ipangbablackmail niya sakin yung mga nude photos ko na sinend ko sa kaniya nung kami pa because I trusted him that much. He also told me before na deleted na lahat ng pictures.

Now, I broke-up with him because he cheated on me. Right ko namang umalis diba? Naloko ako eh. Pero nung iniwan siya nung girl na ipinalit niya sakin, he reached me out using a dummy account dahil binlock ko siya, pinipilit niya akong makipag-kita para makipag-s*x at nung hindi ako pumayag, tinithreaten niya akong isesend niya sa parents and relatives ko yung mga nude photos ko at gagawa pa siya ng sarili kong fanpage sa Facebook na puro nudes ko ang posts. He sent me all of my nude photos that I sent him before as a proof na may copy pa talaga siya. Sobrang depressed ako that time, takot, hindi ko alam ang gagawin ko. Iyak lang ako nang iyak. I failed two subjects dahil hindi ako makapag-concentrate sa pag-aaral.

But to make the long story short, umamin ako sa parents ko sa nangyari. Their reaction was a complete contrast from what I am expecting. From that minute, nag punta agad kami sa authorities para mag-sumbong and luckily, nahuli na siya and he’s now spending his days behind bars.

I cannot share this using my own profile because I’m afraid of judgment. Now, I had the courage to share this to you guys dahil ayaw kong umabot kayo sa ganitong point. Never ever trust someone about something that could destroy your own dignity. Sabihin na nating sobrang nagmamahalan kayo ngayon and all, mabait siya at hindi niya magagawa yun? Well, that’s what I thought about him before. Hindi ko rin inexpect na magagawa niya sakin yun because I believed he’s not that type of guy. Now, obviously, I was betrayed. But well it’s always up to you. I’m also hoping na hindi kayo matulad sakin dahil alam kong hindi lang ako ang nagpapakatanga sa pag-ibig. DO NOT SEND NUDES. Better safe than sorry.

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This confession is surely a big lesson for all of us. We may not be like her but at least we became aware of the things that might happen to us without us knowing.