Facebook added a new feature that can tell if your ex is stalking you

For years, Facebook already cemented itself as one of the most useful and important social media platform of all time. From helping you keeping up with friends and family through chat or by posting photos and your expeditions online, Facebook was really made a name for itself.

However, for all the good, there is always a bad side. For example, what if anyone can access your profile without you being friends?

There is always a possibility that someone is stalking you by checking every update you have on your account. May it be a “bad people” or your ex who kept on checking your account if you already have a new one.

Fortunately, there is an easy way right now to see who is stalking you with the help of the new feature added on Facebook called “stories”.

Social media giants like Instagram(owned by Facebook) and SnapChat also have this feature. This monitors the people who have seen the images or videos you have shared using this feature. This could also mean that those stalkers will be caught easily.

A tutorial on how to use this new feature can be seen below.