Family covers dead family member’s coffin with money

Traditions and customs differ from all over the world. Although the world originated with only two persons, customs and traditions also evolved with time and various versions are made in each corresponding country.

There are certain beliefs that are practiced during a wedding to bring good fortune to the newly-weds and for the family they will make. There are also others that are done during a burial to cut-off all the bad omen and bring only good luck to the remaining members of the family.

Recently however, Netizens were quite amused with this peculiar and rather expensive kind of a burial tradition that is exercised in Malaysia. We learned about this via the Facebook page, Shout Singapore. In one of the posts of the said page, two photos were uploaded with the caption: “A Malaysia funeral with REAL MONEY for the deceased.”

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The first photo shows a coffin with a corpse inside and a bunch of cold cash while the second photo shows that the family members are holding the coffin together while it is slowing being buried down to the ground.

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While it may seem that the said practice is quite risky knowing that some people with bad intentions might think of uprooting the coffin and taking the money in it, Malaysians still take this risk in order to honor their deceased loved ones.

Nevertheless, we should all respect whatever the tradition that a certain tribe or group of people from a certain place may exercise. After all, harmony in this world can only be achieved through respect.