Famous “Cobra King” found dead after he was bitten by his own pet

Snakes are probably one of the most feared reptiles that ever existed. People would often freak out with just the mere sight of a snake because of its creepy appearance. However, there are also people who are simply fond of snakes, just like this person who is dubbed as the “Cobra King”.

Meet Elies Lenturio of Sorsogon City. As a proof to his title, “Cobra King”, Lenturio keeps different kinds of snakes under his care and they consider them as his pets.

Just recently, his family was shocked when they knew that Lenturio was bitten by one of his pet cobra which led to his sudden death. He used to keep the reptile inside the “u-box” of his motorcycle.

The cobra was apparently squeezed inside the small box so when Lenturio opened it, his hand was immediately bitten by the snake. Out of anger, Lenturio cut off the snake’s head and even drank its blood.

Getzmo.ph reported that Lenturio did not bother to be checked by a physician. He simply went home and even managed to drink alcohol.

While he was sleeping, one of his children saw that his mouth was foaming and that his body was already stiff. His family rushed him to the hospital but it was already too late.

The family could not believe with what happened as Lenturio was previously bitten several times by snakes and he was able to heal himself.

He is also famous in their locality for being a “Cobra King” or Snake-Whisperer as he was able to control the behavior of snakes.

He has been taking care of snakes as pets ever since he was 15 years-old. He is also the person people summon in Sorsogon whenever they find snakes inside their home.