Farmers In Switzerland Are Making Giant Holes In The Stomachs Of Cows For A Strange Reason

Farmers tend to take good care of their animals well especially if they use it as a way of living. They would make every possible things just to ensure that their animals would be productive and could help them find their living. Just like with what the farmers in Switzerland had done with their animals.

They are making a giant holes in the stomachs of cows for a strange reason. If you would ever see such thing, don’t be surprised because you may also wanted it upon knowing their reasons. Their way of putting holes or installations like these are called Rumen fistulas. They would have a hole cut into the side of each cow and a tube is inserted that goes down to the stomach.

According to Goodfullness, a rubber gasket is used to keep the hole open and it is also sealed with a special cap. As soon as the cow has fully recovered from these procedures, it allows the farmers and vets who are responsible for their care to more readily monitor their digestive processes and create the proper diet for them.

They said each cow that is able to successfully fulfill farming objectives has the ability to be regulated. Forward thinking farmers know that every great cow is full of helpful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi. The bacteria and fungi is what enables a cow to digest the plant material they consume.

The rumen chamber of the stomach is the most crucial to the digestive process and the microbes break down foods that the cows are unable to. If cows are having trouble with the digestive process, the stomach holes allow farmers to transplant the aforementioned bacteria and fungi in their stomachs.

The holes also give the farmer a chance to evaluate digestion and give their cows optimal foods. While PETA is less than thrilled about this procedure and believes that it only benefits the bottom line of certain industries, there are those who believe that it is good for the cow’s health.

Rumen fistula is surgery for the private practitioner. This article describes one method your veterinarian might use to fistulate a dairy cow. Fistulated cows can be used as donors for a procedure called transfaunation, which is the process of transferring rumen microbes from one cow to another.

This farming process that the Swiss people has is just another kind of worth sharing for farmers like them to have more knowledge about the cows they are taking care.