Father and 2-year-old son forced to live outside Jollibee store after losing everything due to wife’s gambling

We all thought that a person who loses everything can only be seen on TV. Unfortunately, such situation also happens in real life and the one’s shown on your teleserye is nothing compare to the ones that is in reality. If you think you’ve seen it all, this man’s story will surely brought tears to your eyes.

A man named Daniel Amit, who has been living alongside his 2-year old son named Charles just outside Jollibee in Cubao for 6 long months after losing all his wealth due to his wife’s gambling is currently going viral online.

The story was shared by a Facebook user  Jericco Punzalan Ocampo and according to him, he was hanging around the said area when he noticed the father and son duo sleeping at the fast-food chain and assumed that the pair was waiting for somebody. What made him wonder was when he saw them again the next night.

Due to this, he decided to secretly buy a meal for the pair and had the crew serve to them without telling who is it from.

However, he was shocked when he once again saw the pair for third straight nights. He then once again with kindness in his heart, bought extra food for the pair, but unlike the last time, he was the one who brought it to their table.

Ocampo then took the opportunity and asked some personal questions to Mr. Daniel Amit. The now homeless man then told Ocampo that he once had a barbeque business located in Cubao, but would later lose it due to his wife being addicted to gambling.

He then added that they were kicked out from the house they were living in, making and his wife decided to left him and their 2-year old without any reason. What’s worst was when he went to his parents for help, they claimed that he was sent away and reminded him that they told him not to marry that woman, but he did.

Knowing all of Amit’s stories, Ocampo then used the social media to seek help from those who have a good heart for the pair and his goal was to find the pair a home before Amit’s son’s birthday this coming September.

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SOURCE: DefinitelyFilipino