Fellow Hashtag member Tom Doromal speaks up about the death of Franco Hernandez

Hashtag Franco Hernandez’ body has been cremated on November 17, 2017 after a private ceremony prepared by his relative and close friends.

On Rated K‘s November 19 episode, Tom Doromal, the last person Franco was with before he died shared his last moments with his friend.

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Together with a few other friends, the hashtag members flew all the way to Davao Occidental to have their short vacation when the unfortunate incident happened.

In his interview with Rated K, Tom recalled that while they are at the airport, the personnel failed to remind them of their flight and they were rescheduled to a later flight.

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The group originally planned to visit a falls but later changed it to going on a white beach adventure. Unfortunately, on their way back from the white beach, waves were bigger and water started to enter into the boat they are in. As an impulsive reaction in order to survive, the group jumped into the ocean.

Franco and her girlfriend was washed away in the deeper part of the ocean. The operators of the boat managed to save them but it was too late as Franco was already dead.

Tom narrated that he tried to revive Franco after he was saved by the boat operators and they even rushed him to the nearest hospital but it was all useless.

Tom says that he together with his friends should have taken what happened to them in the Airport as a sign that they should not continue with their trip. However, they were overpowered by the excitement they felt that they just ignored it.

People close to Franco still find it hard to accept his death but they only cling to the happy memories he left to continue living their lives.

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