Female employees are forced to kiss their boss before starting to work

In every job, there’s a boss and and an employee. The employee has to do everything right to what the boss is asking for him to keep his job. And in order to impress the boss, employees are to do better about their jobs. But there are some bosses who take advantage on their positions and the weakness of some employees.

At a certain company in China, they have this protocol wherein female employees are forced to kiss their boss on the lips. This company believes that kissing the bosses enhances the corporate culture and encourages good relationships between manager and employees.

Every morning, between 9:00-9:30, the female employees of this company lines up to kiss their boss on the lips.

Local reports are unsure of how long the company had been practicing this practice. They only knew that the company is selling home brewery equipment in Tongzhou District. And according to Shanghaiist, the company mostly employs women.

Most of the female employees are against this practice, but still do it to keep the job.¬†As of writing only two female workers have resigned due to the practice and still unknown if male workers have to comply with this kissing policy. Due to the controversy and issues regarding the company’s practice, the boss voiced his side of the issue.

The boss claimed that he discovered the practice while visiting a U.S. based company. He says that by kissing his female staff they generate “great cohesion within the company” – allowing them to bond “like fish and water.” Moreover, he claims that some of his employees genuinely miss him when he is away, and send him messages on Chinese app WeChat.

Watch the video here:

This issue had gathered different reactions from netizens since it gone viral. And many were hoping that they change their policy and stop some kind of harassment at work.