Female morgue worker claims being impregnated by an attractive male corpse

Every year, there are different horrific stories coming out. Some are true but many are just too horrific to be true. There are some stories that are so intriguing and wanting us to know more about it. Just like with those people who desires the body of the dead.

A woman named Felicity Marmaduke worked in the city’s morgue in Lexington, Missouri. She is serious about her job and didn’t have any problems with anyone. But she had begun to develop some sexual urges towards dead bodies brought into the morgue. She had started to act her sexual desires by hooking up with the men.

On her late night shift, she saw the body of a man she have found to be attractive. The 38-year-old woman then began to wash the body on the examination table. She had also noticed that the corpse had a post-mortem erection and she decided to straddle the dead man, and admitted the man had an orgasm during the act.

A couple of weeks after the incident, she noticed she had missed her period. She wasn’t in a relationship with anyone but when she took a pregnancy test, it was positive.

She went to her doctor and admitted she only had an intercourse with the corpse. Her doctor then called the authorities and she was arrested at work later that day. She was charged with desecration of the dead and necrophilia and was held on a $250,000 bond.

This story is just too horrific to be true and that’s right. Good thing is has been invalidated because this is just one of those stories online that appears with anew name every couple of years.

What is necrophilia?

Desiring a dead’s body is called Necrophilia. Studies say that Necrophilia begins with an unusual sexual attraction that evolves into sexual urges. Although, the psychiatric team of Jonathan P. Rosman, MD and Phillip J. Resnick, MD, published their findings in 1989, stating that the main motivation for the acts is possessing a partner that does not resist nor reject them.

Countries like New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, and the United Kingdom have laws making it a crime to make love with a corpse. In the U.S. the laws vary based on each state.