Female security guard gets a makeover and everyone is “shookt”

People are sometimes very absorbed in their jobs that they no longer remember to take care of themselves too. The job of a security guard can be really stressful as one has to stay under the heat of the sun for hours or even of inside an establishment, they have to stand still for hours.

This is why most security guards often forget to take care of themselves that they even look older than their true age just like in the case of a lady security guard named Snow.

Snow was required to stay hours under the sun and be exposed to pollution coming from vehicles that pass by. Her skin was also constantly damaged and she does not even have the time to put on some make-up.

Because of this, Snow looks older than her true age. She looks like a 40-year-old woman when in reality, she is just 26 years old.

One day, Snow got a call from a famous makeup artist and stylist named Pan Pan and the latter offered her a makeover. Snow agreed.

According to Viral for Real,  Snow’s eyebrows are trimmed and shaped. Then, Pan Pan applied moisturizer, primer, concealer, and foundation on Snow’s face, to give her suppler and a lighter skin tone.

After Pan Pan sets Snow’s skin tone and does her eyebrows, she moves on to apply eyeshadow on Snow’s eyelids. She then finalizes her work with the application of blush, mascara, and lipstick.

Tadaaa! Here is her final look:

Snow’s story should serve as a lesson to everyone that we should not let our jobs get the better of us, instead we should let our jobs make us better.

Watch the video of Snow’s transformation below: