Finally! Marlou Arizala AKA Zander Ford posted a video showing his healing face after surgery

In recent weeks, the internet has been flooded with pictures of Marlou Arizala and his supposed ‘after-surgery’ face, which have gained both positive and negative responses from Netizens.

But, the real question still remains, what does Marlou really look now after doctors performed his surgery?

Scroll down to see.

Before anything else, let us first get to know who Marlou Arizala is. He was first known when the band “Hasht5” (HASHT means Have A Successful Honor and Talent) made rounds on the internet in 2015.

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They did not became famous because an army of fans shout for them, instead they were known for having a battalion of Haters.

Marlou, the oldest among the group, is the most easily recognized because of his eccentric choice of clothing and unusual hairstyle.

Although Marlou was not blessed with a handsome face, he believes that his talent will make him rise to the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity.

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Here is one of the videos uploaded by Hasht5:

In 2016, Marlou decided to leave the group and launch his own solo career.

However, he became the subject of talks once again just recently when he announced that he will be undergoing a surgery.

A surgery that will enhance his physical features, specifically his facial features.

Speculations as to what he will look like after the surgery continuously surface on social media as a product of Netizens’ naughty imagination.

Here are some of the Before and After photos posted by Netizens:

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Contrary to these photos, Marlou posted a video of him after the surgery. To stop the speculations made by the Netizens.

Here is the video:

Source: Facebook