Firefighters spent 3 hours to rescue a man who had his manhood stuck in a barbel

Firefighters are people who work very hard to ensure the safety of everyone in case of a fire outbreak. They risk their own lives just to try to save other people.

But, it seems that the Firefighter’s scope of work is not only limited to cases of fires. They can also be called in times of ‘other emergencies’ such as this one.

In Worms, Germany, Firefighters shared a funny story on their Facebook page. The story was somehow shared in an attempt to show the versatility of the first responders of the team during a very sensitive rescue mission.

In a translated version of the post, it tells that the Firefighters received a call through their control center. They were called by a certain hospital located in Worms.

When they arrived in the hospital, what lay bare before their eyes was that a man had his very sensitive part stuck in the hole of a 2.5 kg dumbbell disc.

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Yeah, you’ve read it right. A desperate man decided to put his penis inside a cold barbell, and he had a lot of trouble removing it on his own.

The Firefighters spent THREE HOURS trying to remove his dick form the disc. They even used various construction materials such as cutting grinder, a vibrating saw and a ‘hydraulic rescue device’ to break down the dumbbell and free the man from his self-made prison.

While this is both an embarrassing and humiliating experience for the poor man (we can bet that he will never ever do it again!), in their Facebook post, the Firefighters even said, “Please do not imitate such actions!”

Who would?

Source: Mashable