First Aeta graduates in UP and wears traditional outfit during the ceremony

Aeta people are considered to be the indigenous people who live in isolated mountainous part of the island of Luzon, Philippines. They are also considered to be Negritos because their skin ranges from dark to very dark brown, small stature, curly and kinky hair texture, small nose and dark brown eyes. They are also considered as ancient people of the Philippines.

A recent news in ABS-CBN shows how an Aeta had made his dreams come true by graduating in UP Manila. The most amazing part is when he wore the traditional “bahag” when he went up on stage. His family was so proud of him for he was the first Aeta to finish studies and graduate in the University of the Philippines.

He is King from Mabalacat, Pampanga who finished Bachelor of Arts, Major in Behavioral Sciences just this month. In his way up on stage to accept his diploma, King wore the traditional clothes of the Aetas which is called “bahag”. His grandfather and grandmother were also there to attend the celebration.

According to an ABS-CBN interview, it is a great pride and honor for the earliest inhabitants like him his successful finish in the University. And that according to him, he’s not alone on that stage, but all Aetas are representing when he’s in there.

“Hindi lang ako ang umakyat du’n, parang kami nang lahat ng mga kapwa ko katutubo ang nag-represent du’n,”

 His studies were not that easy for him because there are a lot of adjustments that he made just to continue studying. And he would always fail in Math as he say, but it’s one thing he isn’t ashamed of. His grandfather was really so proud of what he has reached  and said he’s really the first Aeta to graduate in UP.

“Kahit saang lupalop ng mundo, siya ang kauna-unahang Aeta na gumradweyt sa UP.”

King, who used Isagani Malaya as his social media name, is also fun of photography and now that he already graduated, he promised to help his fellow Aeta. As he said, he would first focus to help his community and maybe make a book abut the history of Aetas.

“Ang una kong gagawin, mag-focus ako to help ‘yung community ko. Maybe gagawa ng isang book about history ng mga Aeta kasi wala mang documented,” anang estudyante.

Source: Definitely Filipino