Fish-trader couple accidentally bumped into a Lamborghini but did not expect the owner will do this

It sure is disappointing enough to be involved in a car accident but, what if the other car that was damaged in the accident is no less than a Lamborghini which is worth thousands of dollars? Tragic enough to make you faint, right?

In Thailand’s Nonthaburi Province, a fish-trader couple was caught into such kind of accident. The couple’s old car accidentally ‘kissed’ a Lamborghini in front of them and what the owner told them was really surprising and touching.

Goodtimes reported that the couple’s old car accidentally hit a Lamborghini that was parking on a road side. The driver gave an excuse that it accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brakes.

The accident caused a few scratches at the rear of the Lamborghini.

The couple nearly fainted looking at the damage caused to the Lamborghini. They would have to fork money out to repair their car and the bigger problem was they had driven into and damaged a Lamborghini.

The couple apologized to the car’s owner and explained that he works as a fish-trader. He further said that he could not afford to pay for the whole amount and inquired if he could in pay in installments  for the total repair cost of the Lamborghini.

When the Lamborghini’s owner saw the terrified faces of the fish-trader couple and was told that they did not buy insurance for their car, he did not want to trouble them further and told them that he did not want them to compensate him for the damages caused but in return, they must promise to donate 3000 Thai Baht to a temple for 10 times as a compensation.

The fish-trader couple were touched by his actions and promised that they would donate to the temple and they would put the tycoon’s name in as the donor.