This fish is worth P5,000 per kilo and the favorite of late president Marcos

A video courtesy of GMA’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho features the said fish getting caught by men at Ilagan, Isabela.

In one look, it seems like it is just an ordinary kind of fish, but it is actually a lobed river mullet, better known as the “Ludong” fish in the Philippines and is known to be the most expensive type of fish in the country. You might say that they are just exaggerating, but surprisingly they are not.

The ludong fish is said to have a price of ₱5,000 per kilo and can only be found in limited places such as in the rivers of Cagayan Valley and Sta. Abra from Ilocos Sur to Abra.

It is also said that it was former President Ferdinand Marcos’ favorite to be served for his special guests which then earned its name as the “President’s fish.” However, sources say that the ludong’s population is decreasing and are now considered as an endangered species.

To save its species, the local government already forbidden this type fish to be captured during their breeding season which is from October to December of each year.

See this incredible story being featured on the video below.