Fisherman caught brutally killing a turtle

As humans, we tend to react immediately to certain things without thinking first. Most of the times, we couldn’t hold of our anger and just release our temper at the most unexpected and not acceptable way. Sometimes because of our being hot-tempered, without us knowing, we are already hurting someone.

Same with the case of the man in Texas who have brutally killed a turtle because of his uncontrolled anger. He didn’t consider the strength of the poor turtle and just continuously hit it with his hammer.


Terry Wayne Washington is a 55-year-old fisherman at Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas. While he was fishing at the Lake last month, some joggers had spotted him unsteadily looking at its unusual big catch.

To his surprise, he doesn’t have the catch he was actually hoping for. Witnesses were shocked of his actions after seeing him taking out the turtle and hit it repeatedly with a hammer. Washington didn’t feel any pity with the turtle and instead of freeing it for a wrong catch, he gave his all out anger to it.

Watch the video here:

The joggers then took a video of him having a violent act on the animal. They said that Washington had hurt the turtle 10 times using his hammer, broke the shell of it and eventually ended in killing it. The video was uploaded, was shared many times, and everyone who sees it wanted for his arrest.

Washington then voluntarily surrendered himself and told the police it was just for a self defense against the turtle who continuously lunging at him. According to him, he was afraid at the turtle’s behavior which caused him ┬áto fight back.

The investigating team have found the 27-inch and 30-40 pounds turtle under a bridge where Washington had dumped it after killing.

According to the source, Washington will be charged cruelty to a non-livestock animal, a state jail felony under the Texas penal code. He will also be liable for two misdemeanors for killing wildlife, and illegally dumping a dead wildlife.

SOURCE: Elite Readers