“Flakka”, the most dangerous drug is now disguised as gummy candies and sold in the streets

alpha-Pyrrolidinopentiophenone or colloquially known as “Flakka” is considered one of the most dangerous types of drugs out there today.

It is mostly manufactured in China for about $5 per dose. The drug is sold in white or pink crystal chunks which are “foul-smelling” according to the US National Institute on Drug Abuse. It is sometimes called “gravel” because it resembles the small stones in the bottom of fish tanks.

Flakka can cause hyperstimulation, paranoia, and hallucinations to users. The ones who use this drug often act like zombies, and can no longer control their actions. This drug was originally marketed as a legal high alternative to ecstasy.

Viral 4 real warns parents because the dangerous drug is now disguised and sold in the streets as gummy candies that are so appealing to the eyes. Authorities say that the significant difference between the Flakka candies and the ordinary gummy candies is that the Flakka candies are stickier and are often individually wrapped.

Drug pushers taught of this method to avoid being detected by the police and also to attract younger users to try the drug.

More severe effects of the drugs is that it can cause permanent psychological damage due to its effect in the mood of a person. It regulates the neurons that keep the mind’s serotonin and dopamine, as well as a possible cause of heart failure.

Someone who uses Flakka is at risk of losing his mind for some time or permanently. Everyone should be aware of its dire effects so that they will not be encouraged to try it.