Flight attendant in Tim Sawyer viral video identified and she’s NOT happy about it

Flight attendants are really admired for their height and beauty. Maybe because that is one of the requirements of the nature of their work. Just like with a PAL Express flight attendant who went viral on social media after a guy on Facebook who “fell in love” with her asks netizens to help him find her.

It all happen when a passenger named Tim Sawyer who was so amazed with her beauty, takes a video of her and later shared it on Facebook.

Netizens had fun and really excited for them to see each other again but some find it disturbing.

In a viral video he uploaded on Facebook last Wednesday, June 21, Tim can be seen having fun in the clip with the flight attendant who has no idea of what’s going on.

After a few editing, he decided to upload it on Facebook and asked people to help him find the girl in the video.

Sure enough, netizens flocked and widely shared his video and it racked up more than 3 million views in just 24 hours.

It was later identified with the help of Fligh High Manila’s blog site It’s A Crew Life , that the PAL Express flight attendant is Kathy Oblena, a married woman and already had a kid.

According to It’s A Crew Life article, Kathy reached out to them and express her disappointment about the viral video. She thought that Sawyer is just taking a video of the aircraft and had no idea that she is the main subject in that video.

Though the intention of Tim Sawyer was just to show admiration on Kathy, still it can be taken differently by others. They were giving different reactions and comments about this issue now.

Watch the video here: