Foreigners lost their iPhone, cash,cards during LaBoracay weekend

Last week a long weekend holiday timed with the Labor Day holiday break known as “Laboracay” descended thousands of tourists on Boracay Island. According to Kristoffer Leo Velete of the Department of Tourism suboffice in Boracay, that this could be highest number of visitors recorded for Laboracay.

However, in spite of all the good parts of the event, it also has its downside for these tourists were seen in tears after finding out that their stuff were stolen by someone while they were taking a good swim at the beach.

A netizen named Jean Cezar Retulin  posted photos of the said tourists on her Facebook account. According to Retulin, she approached the tourists who appeared to be helpless and in tears after finding out that someone stole their important belongings.

Some of the stolen stuff were their iPhones, cash and credit cards. For that reason, they were unable to afford a tricycle ride or anything because they are literally broke. Worst, they should check out of their hotel the next day.

With a free ride from a C2 vehicle, Retulin was kind enough to help the tourists go to the nearest police station and report what happened. When they got there, many foreigners were also dealing with the same problem they have.

At the end of her post, Retulin warned everyone that people should never leave their valuable things unattended for you will never know when a thief will make his move.

Here is the screenshot of the Facebook post.