FUNNY! This guy shares how he saved P103,450 in just 3 months

While most people are having a hard time trying to save money for future use, various perks and sort of a “challenge” have been posted online to encourage people to save. Just like the 50-peso or the 100-peso challenge where one has to save a certain required amount on a weekly basis in order to accumulate the money and be considered savings.

The Facebook page, Miss Penny somehow has managed to take on the said Peso challenge in a hilarious way. In one of its posts that went viral, a Netizen shares their own unique way of saving some cash. Here’s how it went.

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According to the post, because of the rise of many people taking on the 50-peso or the 100-peso challenge, the one who posted the story was also inspired to do something. The said Netizen vowed not to spend whatever amount of money that her hands hold. May it be in bills or in coins.

Here’s the catch though, when she said all, she literally meant “all” the money that touches her hands. Like when her mom asked her to buy something, she did not buy, instead she put in the money inside her coin bank. When she rode the jeepney, another passenger passed on a 50-peso bill as fare and she kept it to herself. When her mother gave her money for tuition fee payment, she also kept it inside her piggy bank.

Here is the full post:

Photo courtesy of Miss Penny

The said post gained hilarious reactions from Netizens that as of writing time, it already has 156,000 reactions, over 47,000 shares and 40,000 comments. The said post however, was obviously made just for fun and should not be exercised in the real life scenario.