Funny moment a guy fall asleep on train and wakes up in paradise

People have different ways on how to tell their travel stories to their friends most especially on social media. Traditionally, they upload loads of photos and a few captions. Other travelers made it catchy by putting a title “I enjoyed paradise for 500 pesos” accompanied by well-edited photos to make it more inviting.

A few do it in different way by making their travel stories like a fairy tale. Just like what Facebook user and a traveler Jan Oraiz who shared his travel adventure with a story of a lost man who slept on the train and woke up in paradise.

All photos are courtesy of Jan Zcerny Oraiz Facebook page.

According to him he shared his experience to everyone who are always drained from work and always riding on a train. 

That day, he rode on a train at Legarda station going home and able to close his eyes while on board.

He didn’t think that he could sleep that sound and just woke up after hearing everyone speaks in English language.

Frightened as he was, he just went down at a place called Circular Quay station.

Upon walking, he saw different infrastructures not even found in the Philippines. 

He then, made this experience his lesson for sleeping on a train.

He even met someone who looks familiar.

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He was still able to reach home safe despite what happened to him.

He also highlighted to everyone not to travel alone or if no one to be with, just sit near the train operator. He asked for some shares to spread awareness.