Gay man robbed and molested a drunk man who fell asleep in a public place

Being drunk is a not-so-good experience, this is why liquor companies see to it that in their labels, the warning “Drink Moderately” is always written. However, it seems that not all people are following this warning.

Well, if you are one of these people, let this experience of a man be a lesson for you.

An unnamed man experienced two different events that will teach him a life lesson because he fell asleep in the streets after getting too drunk.

Showbiz Tsismis reported that the man who was given the alias “Ajun” could no longer tolerate being too drunk that he instantly fell asleep in a public bench in the area of Guangxi , China.

When Ajun woke up at around 5 AM the next day, he discovered that his wallet is missing, his belt was already loose and to his astonishment, the zipper on his pants was already open.

Ajun immediately went to the nearby police station to request an investigation on his missing wallet, loose belt and open zipper.

Authorities then turned to the recorded footage of a CCTV camera near the public bench where Ajun fell asleep. The CCTV footage showed that Ajun fell asleep on the bench and many people just walked passed through him.

However, at about 4:30 AM, a man was seen sitting on another bench near Ajun. Because there were still other people in the area, the man waited for them to go away. Then, he started walking towards Ajun.

The man wearing a sando loosened Ajun’s belt and opened his zipper. He first gave Ajun a handjob which quickly escalated to a bl*wjob.

While the crime was going on, Ajun’s smartphone fell, the suspect picked it up and dropped it in his own pocket. The suspect even stole Ajun’s wallet before he left the scene.

Watch the video of the report below: