German national spotted looking for trash in exchange of food after being left by gold digger Filipina wife

Many foreigners around the world have indeed fallen to the mystic beauty of Filipina women. Most of them even went to the Philippines just to ask for the woman’s hand and bring her home. But, this heartbreaking story of a German national which is currently viral now will undoubtedly change your perspective on things the way they used to be.

According to the report of RachFeed, a concerned netizen shared photos of a German national looking for trash and recyclable materials in exchange of money. She even claimed that the German national was ‘stranded’ in the country for almost a decade. He is known in the area in the name of Kristoff, a 49 year-old German national who just went to our country to meet and marry his wife whom he just met online.

Photo credits: Anja Wiberg / Facebook

What’s controversial in this story is the narrative that according to some people in their town who knew the foreigner’s story, the Pinay wife allegedly left him after he has spent all of his money from abroad in their relationship. He has since then been living in the Philippines for the past eight years in a state of poverty, collecting trash that he could sell so that he could buy food.

The area where the foreigner lives. Photo courtesy of Anja Wiberg / Facebook

According to the netizen, the German national is currently residing in Brgy. Zone Sili, Paknaan, Mandaue City. The concerned netizen posted his photos in the hope that there is someone who will report his case in the German’s embassy here in the Philippines so that he could go back to where is his real place. The concerned netizen tried to talk to him and lend some help but surprisingly, he became ‘angry’ and just refused to talk or even share his story.

Indeed life is not a book of ‘fairy tales’. It is a mountain of struggle and a sea of hardships. There is no assurance in everything. Unfortunately, the story of this awful German national is one of those. But, what do you think is the exact reason why our fellow Filipina left him alone? Must be there a justifiable reason?

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