Get to Know What The Lines on Your Palms Say About You!

Palmistry – the art or practice of interpreting a person’s character or predicting their future by examining the lines and other features of the hand, especially the palm and fingers. It is known and practiced worldwide even back in the Hindu Astrology and Gypsy fortune tellers.

A palm reader gives focus on specific lines on the palm and try to decipher unique connections and meaning between them. One of these specific lines, and can be considered as the most important is the “Heart Line, other wise known as the “Love Line”. Running from the edge of the palm under the little finger across to area in which the middle finger and/or forefinger joins the hand – this line has been found to have deep meaning in the areas of love and affection.

Place your palms together and look at the way in which the love line lines up, and then read on to find out what this means.

The Left-Hand Line is Higher than the Right-Hand

These people consider themselves independent, they are firm believers that love is not a necessary factor in their life for happiness, they find contentment on being on their own. Because of this, they are willing to wait however long it may take to find the “right” person rather than rushing into a relationship just to avoid being single for a long time. They believe that “Opposites attract”. They are largely drawn to those that are significantly younger or those of different nationalities and cultures. Moreover, they are highly self-confident, they easily overcome hardships in life and are willing to work through the tough times in a relationship if they believe that it is ‘the one.’

The Love Lines on Both Hands are at the Same Level

These people prefer to be in constant, long-term relationships and take love VERY seriously. They do not mind spending time, energy and dedication to a relationship and are more than prepared to fight for something that they feel passionate about. They are highly rational and values the importance of a steady routine, they find it disturbing when something changes, especially at the last minute. They are known for being soft spoken and caring and often are the ones that reach out to care for others in times of need.

The Left-Hand Line is Lower than the Right-Hand

These individuals are considered “Old Souls” – wise beyond their years and have a unique outlook on life. They do not easily fall into the trends of modern society and most often chooses to live life by their own set of social rules which often date back to the times of chivalry and respect. Most of the time, they are highly intuitive and possess a sixth sense that is rarely wrong. They are drawn to older partners and friends as they operate at a much more mature level than others of the same age.