Gigantic ‘Sea Monster’ Found in Indonesia’s Remote Island

Even in the world of high-technologically advanced era, there are still lots of mysteries that are yet to be discovered. This gigantic sea monster, found by the residents near the Hulung Beach in Indonesia, claimed that at first, the unidentified sea monster looks like a stranded boat.

The carcass of this unidentified sea monster has been ‘washed up’ on this faraway beach and it’s turning the water into a horrifying bloody red color. The carcass was found on the aforementioned beach on the west side of Serum Island on Tuesday night by a native resident near the area.

According to report of The Sun, Asrul Tuanakota, the native resident who found the ‘sea monster’ claimed that he initially mistakenly saw the huge fleshy blob for a 50-feet boat.

There are arguments mainly from fisher folks near the island’s area are convinced the dead remains are those of a ‘giant squid’ while other fellows who have seen the footage stated that the stinking dead sea monster could also be a rotting humpback whale. The gigantic 50-feet carcass is believed to have been dead for at least three days when the native resident found it.

Whether we like it or not, the mysteries of the world that we live in cannot be easily determined or unfolded by human minds. Even the brilliant minds of world’s greatest scientists and marine experts are finding it difficult to fathom. What do you think is this gigantic ‘sea monster’ really is?

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Source: The Sun