Girl draws flak after confessing love affair with her sister’s boyfriend on social media

The word “snake” has completely taken a different meaning to millenials nowadays. While snakes are considered one of the most dangerous reptiles because of its venom, a different meaning is given by millenials to it which has now become some sort of a new term.

“Snakes” in the millenial term are those people who try to destroy a relationship by being the reason for it to not work and for one of the parties to give up on the foundation of love.

However, can “snakes” exist among family members too? Well, it definitely could. As proved by this story sent by an anonymous sender through the Facebook page, University Secret Files.

The sender identified herself with the nickname, Beng. According to Beng, it all started in January of 2017 when they celebrated the birthday of her sister together with other friends. Beng felt out of place as most of the visitors were her sister’s friends, so she decided to stay inside the room when her sister’s boyfriend came in and kissed her out of nowhere.

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Things started to get awkward between them. But then, the guy confessed that he has feelings for Beng it was then that she realized too that she is starting to have feelings for the same guy her sister is dating.

They started to be more intimate with each other and even chat and text each other a lot. Only that their relationship is kept hidden to everyone especially that the guy is still dating her sister.

Beng confessed that she already wants to end their relationship but she is too afraid that she could not carry on without the guy.

Because of the controversial post, netizens reacted against Beng saying that she is a snake because in the first place, she knows the fact that her it was her sister’s boyfriend. She could have respected that fact.

However, we could not completely judge Beng as love really has no boundaries. Let’s just look forward to her next confession on whether she made the decision to finally break it off with that guy.

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